RCS is the “Voice of the Watershed” and shares its perspective with environmental decision makers throughout the community, in Richmond and in Washington DC. Copies of the printed documents outlining RCS views are available here for public review.

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Scheier Natural Area

Woolen Mills Dam

Seasons on the River


Presentations & Statements

Bacteria In Our Streams – Should You Care? March 2013 (PDF)

Clean Water Act at 40, March 2013 (PDF)

Stormwater Statement from RCS Board Chair, January 2013 (PDF)

Stormwater – The RCS Perspective, January 2013 (PDF)

Stormwater – Daily Progress Coverage, January 2013 (PDF)

Stormwater Education Flyer, January 2013 (PDF)

Joint Stormwater Letter – RCS, JRA and CBF, January 2013 (PDF)

Fluvanna Stormwater Provisions, August 2012 (PDF)

Letter to Secretary Domenech Promoting Stormwater Reforms (PDF)

62 Ways to Conserve Water 2011 (PDF)

The Rivanna: River of Life 2010 (PDF)

RCS Annual Meeting and Watershed Forum 2009 (PDF)

RCS Co Signs Rain Water Runoff Letter to Gov. Kaine (PDF)

RCS Stormwater Statement Albemarle BOS August 5, 2009 (DOC)

RCS Scheier Geocaching June 09 (DOC)

RCS Drink Up Campaign Posters Nov 2008 (PDF)

Streambank Cuttings Fact Sheet (PDF)

Albemarle Board of Supervisors (DOC)

City Council Review Resolution 110304 (DOC)

RCS Scheier Edible Plant Walk May 17, 2009 (DOC)

RCS StreamWatch Administrative Report (DOC)

2008 Watershed Forum and Annual Membership Meeting (PDF)

RCS Farm Bill Summary May 2008 (DOC)

RCS Rivanna River History (PDF)

RCS Letter to Chairman Boyd: April 10, 2008 (DOC)

RCS Letter to Mayor Norris: April 10, 2008 (DOC)

RCS TMDL DEQ Response: March, 2008 (PDF)

RCS TMDL DEQ Response II: March, 2008 (PDF)

Reducing Runoff from New Development: February 5, 2008 (PDF)

Albemarle County Statement: October 10, 2007 (PDF)

Water Resources Protection Program Statement: September 17, 2007 (PDF)

Annual Meeting Summary: September 15, 2007 (PDF)

Strategic Plan: September 8, 2007 (PPS)

Presentation to the Rivanna River Basin Commission: August 08, 2007 (PDF)

Chesapeake Bay Classroom - Daily Progress Story: June 28, 2007 (HTML)

Presentation to the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation by Robbi Savage: June 23, 2007 (PDF)

The C-ville, Issue #19.19: May 8, 2007 (HTML)

Rivanna River TMDLs by Rick Parrish of SELC: April 19, 2007 (PPS)

Virginia DEQ response to RCS TMDL statement: March 20, 2007 (PDF)

RCS TMDL Statement by Robbi Savage: March 15, 2007 - Summary (PDF) | Final Statement (PDF)

Sewanee Water Policy Presentation by Robbi Savage: March 8, 2007 - (PDF) | (PPS)

StormWater Presentation by Martin Johnson: February 15, 2007 (PPS)

RCS North Pointe Statement 2006 (PDF)

Subpoenaed documents for Rose v. Fluvanna County Sand Mine Suit: 2004 (HTML)

Rivanna Watershed Needs Assessment Phase I: January 29, 2002 (PDF)

Rivanna Currents Newsletter

The RCS newsletter is printed and mailed periodically to keep members updated on events and upcoming activities. In addition, electronic newsletters are sent to RCS members by email.

2011 Highlights (PDF)

December 2011 Newsletter (HTML)

September 2011 Newsletter (HTML)

June 2011 Newsletter (HTML)

March 2011 Newsletter (HTML)

Fall 2010 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2010 Newsletter (PDF)

Winter-Spring 2008 Newsletter (PDF)

Fall 2007 Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2007 Newsletter (PDF)

Winter 2006 Newsletter (PDF)

Autumn 2005 Newsletter (PDF)

Summer 2005 "Water Conservation in the Home" (PDF)

Spring 2002 Excerpt (HTML)

Winter 2001 Excerpt (HTML)

Summer 2001 Excerpt (HTML)


Member Recommended Books

Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray

Last Child In the Woods by Richard Louv

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson