RCS has a wonderful corps of student interns that come from the University of Virginia during the school year and from other colleges throughout the nation during the summer months. RCS Interns support the staff with project implementation and are a tremendous benefit to the environmental and natural resources throughout the watershed.

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Scheier Natural Area

Woolen Mills Dam

Seasons on the River

Student Intern Program

The RCS created the College Student Intern Program in 2007. This nonpaid program is open to all college students. The RCS Intern Program provides area students with the opportunity to engage in the community and be a part of events and projects that make a direct contribution to the care and protection of the Rivanna River Watershed. Students are invited to assist with a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities including the RCS Buffer Project, the Rivanna River Sojourn, the Student Education Program, the Teacher Watershed Summit, the Youth Watershed Summit, Water Quality Monitoring Programs, Rivanna River Clean Ups, Rivanna River Paddles, and many more.

If you would like to be an RCS Intern please give us a call at (434) 977-4837 or email us at exec@rivannariver.org.