RCS has enjoyed a very positive and productive relationship with members of the media. Coverage of RCS events and programs has been outstanding over the years and we thank the media for their willingness to share our successes with the citizens throughout the watershed.

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Scheier Natural Area

Woolen Mills Dam

Seasons on the River


Press Coverage

CBS 19 News

Planted Trees Will be Buffer Between River and Golf Course

Charlottesville Tap Project this Week

Summit at UVa Raises Awareness about Virginia's Water Supply

Rivanna Conservation Society Discusses Stormwater Runoff

C’Ville Tomorrow

ACSA agrees to work with Rivanna Conservation Society to Promote Rain Barrels

What's At Stake? Speak up on the Water Supply

Speak up on the Water Supply

Daily Progress

Albemarle County Considers RCS Recommendations on Rainwater Runoff 8/05/09

Report: Streams Getting Dirtier

Water Summit Flowing into Town

Affordability May Affect Decision on Water Runoff Rule

Reduce Stormwater Runoff in County, Group Urges

Design Center

Project: Design posters for buses

EPA Watersheds

Adopt Your Watershed

Fluvanna Review

Pleasant Grove—Another Success Story- March 14, 2010

Greene County Record

Volunteers Aid Community Park - April 8, 2010

Editorial - April 16, 2010

NBC 29 News

RCS River Clean Up - Sep 25, 2010

Car Batteries Polluting the Rivanna – June 8, 2010

RCS Hosts Charlottesville Mayor to Talk about Water Plan - April 15, 2010

RCS Hosts US Geological Survey to Talk about Water Conservation

Rivanna Conservation Day Buffer Project- March 22, 2009

Charlottesville Water TAP Project March 22, 2009

Watershed Water Quality

Youth Watershed Summit – Oct 18, 2009

Dozens attend Student Summit Oct 2008

Kids Gain Wisdom on Water Quality Oct 2009

Stormwater Code and Ordinance Project – July 2008

Rivanna Water Quality June 2008

Join the Rivanna River Cleanup June 2008

Rivanna River Scenic River Designation – June 2008

Teacher Watershed Summit April 2008

Woolen Mills Dam Breach Aug 2007

Teaching the River: Summit on the Rivanna

Dwindling Water Levels Raising Concerns

Stretch of Rivanna River Could be Awarded Scenic Status

Greene and Fluvanna Team for Green

Historic dam to be breached on Rivanna for shad's migration

Summaries of past events on our blog!

Rivanna River Sojourn

Rivanna River Conservation Day Buffer Planting

more to follow ...